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And he knows what he's doing. And so I think he's gonna be a very important player. - So very important to the UK box office for a long time. - For a long time. - [Bob] You must be proud. - He is. - [Bob] He's a great, great, great director. - I'm, I'm very proud of him. He's our first Academy Award. And I think if he wins this year, it will be a very big moment. - Is it true he has a wife and a kid in London? - Well, yeah. - [Bob] Yeah? - Yeah. I mean, I've, he's been divorced, but he lives in London, he's got a daughter who's about to start at a good boarding school. - And so for so long, we've been doing, I've been doing, a lot of music concerts here, but very intimate. And that's because of the studio. But I think that now, eventually, the opportunity will come, which I'm absolutely, absolutely looking forward to. - [Bob] OK, so, all right. You've done all this mapping stuff for years, and as you know, your studio's very smart. You guys can load pretty much anything into it, and you get a map out of it. And so what will you say to anybody who says, "Oh, I can't load a ring road, "I can't load a bridge"? - [Bob] "Oh, no, you have to load a whole building". - Well, I think we've got a pretty good system here. The system we use is that we're doing at the moment the more or less the exact same thing as we did in the live sequence of Largo. So we're doing, all the mapping, all the correspondence to the exact same thing that happened in Largo. And we're using the live mapping as our frame of mind. So I mean, the more or less the same thing, we've gone through the whole process, I mean, I can't do the city scale the same




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Descargar Crack Para Global Mapper 15 (Latest)

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